St Albans Diamond Way Buddhist Centre

We are a non-residential Buddhist Centre in central St Albans with a dedicated space for meditation, a small library of books and magazines on Diamond Way Buddhism, and an area for social activities. Twice weekly we offer a short introduction to Buddhism and Buddhist meditation for newcomers, followed by a guided meditation. We are also open at other times for regular members to do their individual practice.

We have a program of lectures and courses on Buddhism by travelling teachers, experienced students appointed by Lama Ole Nydahl.

All weekly guided meditation classes are free of charge.



[email protected]


St Albans Diamond Way Buddhist Centre, 6, 7 French Row

St Albans


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Regular Meditation

Every Wednesday 8:00 pm
16th Karmapa Meditation
Every Friday 7:00 pm
16th Karmapa Meditation

Frequently Asked Questions

It's located on the second floor of a very old building that backs onto the Christopher Place Shopping Centre. The entrance is the door next to ‘Simmons’ bakery. Please use the intercom, pressing the button next to the Diamond Way Buddhism logo.