Teacher-Student Relationship

19 November 2017
Time: 02:00 PM

On Sunday 19th November 2017, the London Diamond Way Buddhist centre is pleased to invite you to a public lecture. The topic will be “Student Teacher Relationship” and the talk will be given by Wojtek Tracewski, lay Buddhist teacher from Poland.

This lecture will offer an introduction to the meaning of student-teacher relationship in Diamond Way Buddhism. Here, a teacher not only needs to know the teachings and be a good example of compassion, joy and fearlessness, but they also need to know the nature of mind. Sharing their experience of this and insight into life, they are able to support their students’ development.

Teacher: Wojtek Tracewski
Price: £7
London Diamond Way Buddhist Centre
The Beaufoy,
39 Black Prince Road,
London SE11 6JJ

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